Monday, 13 February 2017


Another re branding of the blog but I promise it's the last one. As I explained in my last post, us Trumper's are known for loving a holiday, or six. Chloe had the genius idea of creating a family travel blog, so I give you ... The Fly Away Family! 

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The Fly Away Family


Tuesday, 24 January 2017


Another travel blogger/vlogger...

Yes another travel blogger/vlogger has entered the world. Gone are the days of Frankie's Say and I have reinvented myself as Fly Away Frankie
In July 2016 I decided enough was enough. I was fed up with my boring life as a dental nurse in my small hometown of Newport, Shropshire and I wanted to travel the world. How could I not? I always say it's my in DNA.
My grandad lived in Hong Kong and India as a child, my parents lived in Australia and backpacked through Asia in the 80s, my sister has lived in China, traveled a lot of South East Asia and is currently living in Australia. See my point??? Plus the amazing family holidays to Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia meant I was bitten by the travel bug.

So I took the plunge and changed my job to a maternity cover job which just so happened to be a better paying one, giving myself 10 months to save as much money as I could knowing that it would end in August 2017. 

My travel plans for 2017 so far:

6th - 12th April:
Las Vegas, USA
30th April - 8th May:  
Hong Kong 

21st August - 19th October:
South East Asia starting in Bangkok, Thailand

19th October - 16th November:
Fly from Bali, Indonesia to Perth, Australia then onto the East coast of Australia

16th November - 7th December: 
Tour of New Zealand starting in Auckland 

7th December: 
Back to Perth to start my working holiday visa 

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(no travel videos yet just my old beauty/fashion-y ones that I refuse to delete because I still get money from the ads lol, sorry)